Congresso Internacional de Secretariado


Congresso Internacional de Secretariado - COINS 2011


SINSESP believes that the Secretariat - inherently of multidisciplinary characteristics of their professional duties and responsibilities - occupies a strategic position, and evidently adequates to cover and ensure the implementation of processes, obligations, strategic agendas and schedules - to focus on primary and secondary control strategies for managing secretariats tasks - primary and secundary responsabilities of their secretariats - the mobilization of goals, and business organizational interests (manager, companies or institutions).

The secretariat´s professional should be considered as a co-manager to ensure the operational management of various specialties - or, from an academic standpoint, - in areas of co-management, administrative, technical support and maintenance - including here, accounting, finance and treasury, human resources, and environmental sustainability, eco-efficiency, social responsibility, etc.


"Your Ticket to the Future"


In the globalized world - in person or virtually – the professional could provide information, carry out tasks and facilities enabling entrepreneurial specialized projects, ensuring implementation of managerial basement, logistical, administrative - legal, accounting, labor - and business relations for small and medium in developing enterprises.
It can be a professional capable of managing multiple levels - those related to social responsibility, environmental awareness, sustainable management.
Thus be able to attend and meet the needs of corporate structures or growing executive cells and of procedure chains, execution of tasks increasingly shorter (save time with the daily routine and tobe as helpful as possible), as trends indicate, techniques and technologies.

To that extent, the secretariat could be developed and diversify itself in several possibilities for actions.

Improvement of Secretarial skills

Globalization, Sustainability, Competitive Intelligence - the main approachs of Secretaries International Congress - COINS 2011:

Commitment to the human attitude / social trends in the workplace:

where the corporate spirit is coincident with the cooperative - and whenever possible, including solidarity and humanity;

Synergistic business relationships:

where the representative institution interests and/or the secretariat shoul be mobilized and strengthened to be continued means of attention, wit and zeal with good relationships, according to many levels and their peculiarities;

In supporting the implementation of new projects, new entrepreneurs and businesses - small and medium:

ensuring, with the multidisciplinary skills, coverage of all the responsibilities agenda.

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