About us

About us 

SINSESP - Union of the Secretaries of the Stat of São Paulo. It was founded on December 7th, 1987. Its territorial base includes a contingent of 800,000 professionals in São Paulo. SINSESP has 12,000 associates.

Attend and represent the category, securing rights, respect and value, through ethical and transparent actions, encouraging growth and personal and professional development, therefore, we will follow the market and will establish partnerships, towards actions consistent with the professional development.


Be the benchmark in the segment in which we are engaged, nationally and internationally, expanding our source of innovation, and multiplying the level of commitment and maturity of the category which we represent. Involve the area professionals in our concept of sustainable management: socially fair, economically viable and environmentally correct.

SINSESP Proposal Aim for the Category:
Contextualize the professional secretariat in a multicultural and innovative setting, enabling its insertion, increasing in organizational environments, and interconnected high impact on their skills.  Promote exchanges with multiple global realities, create opportunities to develop networking and exchange of experiences, personal and professional added value.


Internal Aim for SINSESP:
Establish in the Secretaries International Congress - COINS 2013, the biennial event in the SINSESP Official Calendar , the main reference date for the knowledge, upgrade, exchange and alignment with the major trends in international management and business intelligence of interest to the professional category .





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