André Luis Regazzini, CSO, CISA, CISM, CGEIT

Governance, Information Technology and Information Security professional, certified by ISACA as Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT). Bachelor degree in Systems Analysis in PUCC University in São Paulo, Brazil, also Post Graduated in Systems Audit and Development Technologies in FURB University in Santa Catarina, Brazil.Great expertise in Information technology management, systems audit and information security, worked for FEPASA, Perdigão, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vésper, Ernst & Young and Control Risks. Large professional experience in the development and implementation of information security program, system audit planning, execution and management, IT governance, IT strategy and Service Level Management for IT and non IT SLA. A solid experience as information technology and information security consultant, in credit card, insurance, banks and telecom companies. Known speaker and instructor for IT governance, Audit, Risk Management, Information Security, Fraud Prevention and SLA subjects. Co-author of “Bank Security Controls” book published in 1999 by PwC and FEBRABAN. Woks as an associated partner of IPLC do Brasil, consulting company specialized in Information Protection and System Audit.


Andrea Sebben

Graduated in Psychology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and at PUCRS (Porto Alegre, Brazil); Master´s degree in Social Psychology at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina(Florianópolis, Brazil); Member of IACCP (International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology); Participated of exchange Programs in Spain(Madrid), Italy (Rome) and Belgium (Louvain La Neuve) (1990-1996); Intercultural Monitor´s course through AFSAI/Italy (Associazione per la Formazione, gli Scambi e le Attività Interculturali) and through Council of Europe (European Youth Centre); Author of the book: "Cultural exchange: an Intercultural educational guide to be a citizen of the world" Publishing house Artes e Ofícios, Porto Alegre 2001; Author of the book: "The compass’ Northwards": A manual for living and negotiating with foreign cultures. Publishing house: Artes e Ofícios, Porto Alegre 2005; Author of the book: "Cultural exchange: to understand and fall in love with". Publishing house: Artes e ofícios, Porto Alegre, 2007; Author of the book: " Expatriates.com - a new challenge for the Intercultural HR´S". Publishing House, 2009; Collaborator at Unesco Program: "Culture for peace" , in a manifest for Peace; Member of the Educational Advisory Council from AFS International.


Claudia Terezinha Kniess

She is graduated in B.A. in Chemistry from University Federal of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and Pedagogical Training for Trainers of Professional Education by University Sul of Santa Catarina (UNISUL). She completed her training Training on Sustainable Development of Mining no International Institute For Mining Technology – MINITEC - Japan (JICA trainee). She has a master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Federal of Santa Catarina (CAPES trainee) and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University Federal of Santa Catarina with probationary period of doctoral candidate (sandwich) in Ceramic and glass Department at the University of Aveiro - Portugal (CAPES trainee). Held the Post Doctorate at the Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research - Center for Nuclear Fuels (IPEN-CCN/USP). She as experience in the development and coordination of research projects financed by funding agencies. Her practice areas are: Project Management, Environmental Management and Sustainability, Technological Innovation, Valorization of Industrial Waste and Technology Management, interacting with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary groups. Actually she is a professor and researcher at the Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE) in the Professional Master's Program in Administration - Project Management and in the Professional Master's Program in Environmental Management and Sustainability. She carries out activities of technical advice for companies in the areas of Research and Development, Quality Management, Environmental Management and Project Management. She Is the moderator of undergraduate course of the National Evaluation System of Higher Education (SINAES/MEC). She is also a fellow in Productivity in Technological Development and Innovative Extension Level 2 – CNPq.

Emili Barcellos Martins Santos

Master´s Degree and PhD Student in Letters at USP. Bachelor in Secretarial Science Studies (Portuguese / French / English) from the Federal University of Viçosa. Acts as Executive Secretary of the Head of Embrapa Dairy Cattle Gerais. Emili develops researches in the area of teaching / learning of foreign languages for secretarial professionals and she is a member of the Strategic Committee for Education of the Secretaries Union in the State of São Paulo.


Gilberto Galan

Former high-level executive at first class companies as Kodak, Philip Morris/Kraft, Embraer, HP and Citigroup as director/VP, at local, Latin America or WW levels, as Corporate Affairs professional (Corporate Communication, Government and Community Relations, CSR/Sustainability, PR, Issues Management, Corporate Marketing, Int´l Trade Negotiations, WTO, Trade Associations); Currently, owner of Galan&Associates, a Government Relations&Corporate Affairs Consultancy firm in São Paulo; Professor at ESPM- Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing; member of the board of ABERJE-Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial; founder and chairman of the Amcham´s Corporate Affairs Committee.Co-author of 03 books; author of the book Relações Governamentais & Lobby, published in 2012; lecturer, spokeperson for the above companies.


Jaqueline Trevisol

She is the Embraer director’s secretary - Gavião Peixoto Unit / SP. MBA in Business Management at FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas Ribeirão Preto / SP. Graduated in Business Processes at UNIP - Universidade Paulista, Araraquara / SP. She works at Embraer since 2006, in addition to the duties and responsibilities attached to the secretary position, she actively participates in secretarial projects, implementing improvements and process control that aim total customer satisfaction and business results. Engaged in development of the secretaries team at Embraer Gavião Peixoto Unit, she works for Continuous Improvement actions, that makes her a benchmark figure along with the secretaries according to the Lean Manufacturing theory.

Lina M. Veglia

Lina M. Veglia

In March of 2003, chartered the Grand River Chapter and held the position of Chapter President until June of 2004.Was elected Ontario Division Board Secretary in 2004, Vice-President in 2005, President-Elect in 2006 and Ontario Division President in 2007. Currently serving a two year term as the Canada District Director on the International Board of IAAP. IAAP Member of Excellence for 2008 – 2012. Executive Assistant to Mayor Doug Craig and Members of City Council, City of Cambridge, ON. 36 years of service with the Corporation of the City of Cambridge. - Born in Italy. Speaks fluent Italian. - Lived in Cambridge over 45 years.


Manuel Portugal

Professor of Strategy at Universidade Nove de Julho, Brazil, where he teaches Masters and doctoral students, and is a post-doctoral student at the University of Sao Paulo. He is the director of globADVANTAGE – Center of Research in International Business & Strategy, in Portugal. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the David Eccles School of Business, The University of Utah, USA, an MBA from the Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal. He published twelve books and his research has appeared in such journals as Strategic Management Journal, Scandinavian Management Journal, Brazilian Administration Review, Revista Administração de Empresas, Journal of Business Research, Management Research, among others. His research interests lie on international strategy, specifically on multinationals’ strategies, internationalization and cross-border acquisitions, and on cross-cultural issues.


Maria do Carmo Assis Todorov

Vice President of the Secretaries’s Union of the State of São Paulo - Management 2012/2016. 20 years of experience in secretarial and over 20 years in the secretarial Brazilian movement. Graduated by Secretariat (Technologist) - Fatec International and also Business Administration, - Faculty São Luis. Post Graduate (sensu lato) in Computing in Education. MSc in Project Management - Uninove. Teacher of the Instituto Monitor / SP. Editorial Manager of the Scientific magazine "Gestão e Secretariado."


Prof. Dr. Marcos Roberto Piscopo

Doctor of Science in Business Administration from University of São Paulo – FEA/USP. Master of Science in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC/SP. MBA in Marketing from Fundação Instituto de Administração – FIA/USP. MBA in Project Management from Fundação Instituto de Administração. Bachelor of Business Administration from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP. Visiting Scholar and Adjunct Professor of Management in the Management Department at Bentley University. Professor and consultant specialized in Strategic Management and Project Management.


Marlete Beatriz Maçaneiro

Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR. Graduated in the Executive Secretariat at the Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná - UNIOESTE. She is a professor at the Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste - UNICENTRO. Is leader of the Research Group and Studies in the Organizational Strategy - GEO/UNICENTRO. Has experience in teaching and research in the themes: research methodology in Applied Social Sciences; strategy of technological innovation, environmental strategy, and organizational communication.

Melba Dulcan

Melba Dulcan

Melba J. Duncan is the Founder and President of The Duncan Group Inc., a retained search and consulting firm. Since 1985, the firm has been advising CEOs and other corporate leaders regarding specialized senior management support resources. The firm offers expertise in four practice areas: recruitment, organizational consulting, coaching and "executive level" training for administrative staff, with focus on C-Suite professional assistants. Ms. Duncan is Founder and CEO of the Duncan Leadership Institute, which offers a targeted curriculum solution for multiple tiers of administrative support staff. She is author of How to Succeed in Business as an Executive Assistant (Macmillan, 1990), The New Executive Assistant: Advice for Succeeding as an Executive or Administrative Assistant, (McGraw-Hill, 1997), and The Idiot's Guide to African American History (Pearson Education, Inc., 2003). Ms. Duncan's most recent book projects are Indispensability, an overview of career survival strategies in the new economy, and The Handbook of Assistants' Best Practices. She has also authored numerous articles, including The Case for Executive Assistants, featured in the May, 2011 issue of the Harvard Business Review.


Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto Massaro

Degrees in French and Portuguese Letters, a master and a Ph.D. in French Language & Literature (University of São Paulo). He currently is Doctoral Advisor on Foreign Language Didactics and Professor of French Language (Letters Course) in the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo. Since 2011 he has been the director of the Interdepartmental Language Center of FFLCH-USP. His recent research focuses on Language and Education, Arts in Education, Theater in Education, Critical Pedagogy, Languages for Academic and Professional Purposes and teacher training. He is author of Teatro e Língua Estrangeira, entre teoria(s) e prática(s). São Paulo: Editora Paulistana.(ISBN: 978-85-99829-30-1). From 2000 to 2006 he worked as a French for Academic Purposes teacher at the Language Teaching Center of the State University of Campinas and from 2002 to 2003 as Professor of French Language (Trilingual Secretarial Science Major) at the State University of Maringá. From 1989 to 2001 he taught at different levels at the Alliance Française in São Paulo, preparing students to french language examinations, Certificates and Diplomas awarded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce,such as theCertificat de Français Professionnel, the Certificat de Français du Secrétariat and the Diplôme de Français des Affaires.


Renato Grinberg

General management experience with focus on business development/sales. Proven track record to succesfully manage and grow businesses. Corporate experience in the United States (7 years) and in Brazil. Launched and managed start-ups in Brazil in the Media, Internet and HR industries. (LAMAC, Trabalhando.com and Currículo Autêntico. Developed and managed strategic partnerships in the U.S.(National Geographic, BBS, IMAX). Led cross-functional teams in major corporations (sales, marketing, operations, legal and finance). Developed performance enhacemnt programs for corporate education and e-learning.


Roseli Soares

Executive assistant of Microsoft Brazil President. She is passionate about her profession. Roseli has a degree in Bilingual Secretarial from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and has worked at many companies such as Alcatel, TIM and Claro; in this last one she was responsible for the internal communication during the implementation of the SAP system; she was also responsible for the Data Room during due diligence in the sale of BCP to América Móvill (owner of the Claro brand). In all the companies Roseli has worked for, she has created executive committees to share her vision with regards to the importance of an executive assistant inside the organization as well as to discuss the best internal and external practices always focusing on maximizing excellence to the business. This commitment to her profession has grown and became the workshop “Productivity to executive assistants with Microsoft solutions" which is presented to Microsoft's customers. Roseli has also given the lecture on "successful careers" in several executive assistant events.


Santa Gente

The Santa Gente is standing out in the market by offering lectures and behavioral techniques with very peculiar characteristics. In business since 2005, the group aims to communicate the purposes and interests, interfere with the decision and the resistance of employees, besides rescuing values and meanings of the corporation. The Holy People conducts this work through a methodology focused on synergy, the interaction and integration of business teams. Method: With the simultaneous use of several media, facilitate the understanding of strategies, the manifestation of the creativity and spontaneity of employees. Through a very special driving, sensitize the audience to the appreciation of the way and to practice concepts. Benefits: Lightness in the conduct of contents, comprehensive understanding and passion for what is proposed. Possibility of customization of each theme, and the development of exclusive content. Over 300 companies attended and over 1,000 presentations throughout Brazil and abroad.


Viviane Mosé

Master and PhD in Philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences UFRJ. Expert in "Formulation and implementation of public policies" UFES. Psychologist and psychoanalyst. Author of several books, including: "Stela do Patrocínio – Reino dos bichos e animais é o meu nome," nominated at Jabutit 2002. She organized, together with Chaim Katz and Daniel Kupermam the book "Beleza, Feiúra and Psicanálise." Published in 2005, his doctoral thesis "Nietzsche and the great politics of language". In 2005 and 2006, he wrote and presented the picture "To be or not to be", in the program Fantástico – TV Globo - Brazil, which featured themes of philosophy for an everyday language. From 2007 to 2009 he was senior consultant at curriculum reform committee of the State of Espírito Santo. As a poet, she published his first book individual in Vitória / ES, Escritos, (Imã and UFES, 1990). She is the author of the poetic texts of Camila character in the movie "Nome Próprio", Murilo Salles, winner of the Festival de Gramado in 2008. He is currently a partner and director of the Usina Pensamento and content featured daily on Radio CBN, along with Carlos Heitor Cony and Artur Xexeu in one of the most better programs of the radio, called "Liberdade de Expressão". In education develops an innovative educational project in the city of São Paulo. At the same time, as a speaker and consultant, she dedicated to thinking about the challenges the new leaders and new working relationships in the knowledge society.

William Malfatti

William Malfatti

MBA in Communications, Finance and Investor Relations from FIPECAFI and Communications degree from Faculdade de Comunicação Social Cásper Líbero, has complementary education participating in courses from others universities: Faculdade Getúlio Vargas, FIA and Centro Paulista de Economia da Saúde da Universidade Federal de São Paulo. Since 2005 at Grupo Fleury, is in charge of Marketing and Institutions Relations Directory. Before that, was responsible for communications areas at Deloitte and Banco Société Générale. William Malfatti is member of marketing committee from American Chamber in São Paulo and member of corporate communications committee from Associação Brasileira de Anunciantes (ABA)..





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