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About the Event: Purpose and Attendance


IAAP - International Association of Administrative Professionals - has been conducting benchmarking surveys since the early 1990. And the last one applied in American companies recognizes and quantifies the enormous impact that Assistants and Administrative Professionals (as they’re called in the US) and/or Secretariat Professionals (as we call it in Brazil ) have on the modern economy.

This research also showed reappearance of the nomenclature "secretary" after decades of decline. The number of professionals registered with the title "secretary" has grown from 8% in 2009 to 15% in 2011 and has increased again in 2013. This growth suggests that the revitalization of the profession is a trend and not a simple statistical anomaly.

These professionals work in a polyvalent and strategical way in organizations and always need to update and maintain good contacts. To ensure that high performance, join us at Secretaries International Congress - COINS 2015,  that will be held from 20 to 22 August 2015, in the city of Santos – São Paulo/Brazil. The central theme is " The DNA of the Secretariat: Skills and Challenges requiring a new repertory ".

COINS has a grid of inedited lectures and current topics as well as a group of expert speakers that will share their knowledge. Moreover, it is a great networking tool.

Surely this will be an unforgettable event.

Enjoy it. 

Kind Regards.

Isabel Cristina Baptista
Gestora do COINS 2015 



Debating major professional challenges and sharing the alternatives that professionals from large companies found to act more strategically, to get recognition from the top management and to deal with different publics. Providing information on market and trends in order to develop skills and implement new management techniques beyond promoting the meeting of professionals of the same area to exchange experiences.


The event is aimed at the secretariat, administrative professionals and secretaries´s teachers and trainers, B.A. (students attending secretarial courses) from Brazil and abroad, who work in public and private areas as well as professionals in related fields who have an interest and involvement with the Secretariat.


















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Sindicato das(os) Secretárias(os) do Estado de São Paulo
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